These are quite an interesting set of tools. Some are fairly standard as seen in many other applications e.g. print, email, save as pdf, pic, etc. Others are simply unique must haves.

Export / Import Project

The best way to share Projects is to use the MYGIDE ORANGE Company Edition, which enables users to connect to private server and share projects and models, and work concurrently. If this is not a preferred option, you may consider exporting entire Project(s) and send a cryptic and zipped file to another user of the MYGIDE application.

Click to see all Projects (databases) that you have in your MYGIDE. Call out the context menu while hovering above the project you wish to export. Pick Export, and follow the wizard. It takes literally a few seconds. MYGIDE compresses in an approximate ratio 12:1 so even very large projects will have acceptable size of a few pictures when sent.

Similarly, when you wish to Import a Project, click to open the Projects navigation section. Call out the context menu and pick Import this time.

Consider using this when seeking assistance from our support team and screen sharing will not cut the mustard.

Export Models to Excel

Imagine you need to send model(s) to people who do not have MYGIDE. Go to a model that you wish to export to Excel. This works only if the Statements that you wish to bulk export have been grouped together. See Statements Codes.

Click Export in the main toolbar, pick Bulk Export and follow wizard. At some point you will have 2 options to choose from

  1. Export all to one single sheet or each statement to separate sheets
  2. With or without formatting

The option to also export formulas is currently not available.

If the Bulk Export process is interrupted it is likely because of the missing Statements Codes.

Export Statement

If you wish to export only what you see, i.e. a Statement’s accounts displayed within a particular View then from the drop down menu pick the output format you prefer.

Copy & Paste Data

Select the cells you wish to copy to Excel, press Ctrl+ C and in the spreadsheet Ctrl+ V.

If you wish to paste a value in its database form (i.e. not in thousands or millions as most of MYGIDE users prefer to display data in data grid), after you select the cells you wish to copy, call out the context menu and pick Copy Real Values.

Publish Data Online

MYGIDE enables you to publish online all data from Projects to charts, tables or dashboards or similar components. These tools require customization for each target web-site and unlike other MYGIDE tools are not included as ready-to-use in MYGIDE GREEN Starter Kit or PURPLE Freelancer Editions.

Connect My Team

When using MYGIDE’s team editions, you can connect a team to one or multiple servers. Servers or databases can sit on your hardware or in-cloud. The cloud is typically a bit slower to operate. Hardware requirements can be found here.

Each server can

  1. Connect to multiple databases
  2. Run its own server calculation engine which complements all the desktop application calculation engines connected to it
  3. Pull and store data from and to the databases
  4. Synchronize all Projects for all users in real time.

Step 1   Ask the MYGIDE user with the administrator rights to create New User(s), authorize them for one or more Projects and given them access to the models that belong the Project(s). He/She can do it in Home>Administration>Users.

Step 2 Restart your MYGIDE desktop application and from the drop down menu of the starting screen, select server name where the Administrator created the new users.

Step 3 Click … to enter the advanced settings and pick Edit. Then copy and email the server address to the new user(s).

As an alternative to Steps 2 and 3, you can ask the administrator to provide the information on the server address. He/She is the one who has the server login and password anyway.

Step 4 Being a New user, start the MYGIDE desktop application and click … to enter the advanced settings. Pick New and fill in the server address details. Press Connect when done.

You are now connected to the team server, able to see what everybody else does, subject to your access rights. Ask the Administrator to double check on those if something isn’t right.

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