Artificial Intelligence Systems

Artificial Intelligence Systems

Beating volumes and time with our
AI robots

  • Receive
  • Extract
  • Store
  • Analyze
  • Visualize
  • Notify
  • Approve
  • Post


Process internet or mobile phone banking payments right
from your inbox or camera

Automated accounting

Connect to your accounting software to speed up invoice
booking procedures

Payment Reconciliation

Compare bank statement items with invoice payments and generate an exception report for outstanding invoices


Supply chain audit

Collect, extract and analyse orders, deliveries and payments of all supplies

Predictive analytics

Let the data driven algorithms suggest future sales, events,
cashflows, and performance

Fraud Detection

Process large volumes of data automatically and identify patterns,
unusual behaviour, price discrepancies, and many more

Family of AI Processes


AI monitors incoming emails, documents in attachments, scanners, phones, and other type of communications and is trained to react to them


AI understands the substance and nature of incoming communications, changes in status throughout the process, the progress made and labels it to automate follow up steps


AI extracts applicable data into a database from a disperse variety of document forms


AI validates the relevance, quality and accuracy of the information, including the use of 3rd party APIs


AI pairs the information received with other data sources


AI circulates documents to the relevant personnel seeking their approval, comments, or edits


AI understands accounting documents such as invoices and receipts, and performs automated booking


AI schedules and executes approved payments


AI processes data and provides the user with the best available option to proceed


AI archives processed documents for future use

Worth to mention

Original development

AIS is a total end to end in-house development without use of any 3rd party SW components

Total solution or backend service

AIS is available as a total solution with our own GUI or as standalone backend service integrated with your own systems or applications

Process agnostic

Deployment of AIS follows your processes, your internal structure, and your needs. We just serve

Intuitive GUI design

Our products’ UI/UX adheres to behavioural science principles resulting in lovable solutions

High security standards

Our development team is immersed in data quality and security, continuously validating data and encrypting communication so that you feel safe

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