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The proportion of excel financial modellers that believe we do not exist

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Are you good at creating models? Leading your people through a corporate change?
Manage planning and reporting processes? Or teaching how to manage companies performance better?

Then you are in a good company.

GIDE will give you handy in-built-tools to make your business life easier.


Complete Data Cycle

Data Integration


Predictive Analytics

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Corporate Reporting

Speed is in the centre of our R&D efforts

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What our clients say

A tool for progressive and successful CFO

 I first selected GIDE while CFO of a regional airport. We developed a group of models taking into account complete set of drivers of our business including the number of landings, passengers, seat utilisation, MTOW, retail space, ground handling services, etc.  

Iveta griac – managing partner

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Latest surveys show that more than 50% of finance professionals struggle to effectively manage business value tasks such as profitability management and long-term planning.

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Topics covered:
  1. Create Models
  2. Consolidate
  3. Data Update
  4. Budget, Forecast & Plan
  5. Adjust Models
  6. User Rights
  7. Valuation

Workshop duration: 60-90 minutes
Fees: Free of charge