How we work

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A light yet telling conversation

First Date

We meet and talk. About your business, reports, processes, preferences and priorities. And pain points that you wish to solve.

We take a peek at your spreadsheets, reports, chart of accounts, general ledger, corporate structure, products and services data. Trying hard to ask all the right questions.

Our 25 years of corporate finance experience helps.

We go analytical


Diving into companies spreadsheets is like exploring a new cave. You have seen many already, however this one is of different size, casting different lights in quite specific angles.

We review model algorithms, analyse data type inputs, flows and formulas used, and get the sense of needed data outputs. We request additional information and data, where missing.

In reality, what we do is a light model audit, but we do not call it like that. Casually we say, we analyse existing models, understand data and get acquainted with your business.

Creative moments


We meet in our brainstorming room and start sketching your solution. 

Overall consolidation tree, product and market segments models, sales, manufacturing, R&D, distribution and other business process models. All put together to best describe the business over time.

We zoom in to picture data, reports and define mathematical relations.

We are then given tasks and undertake the responsibility to deliver.

Play time


We withdraw to our cubicles and with MYGIDE being a solid base, we begin bricklaying. Like Lego, except that with MYGIDE we can also copy paste, drag & drop, and work concurrently. 

Each master model is created. The first level consolidation is built, and cross model algorithms (e.g. intragroup trading, financing, overhead  allocations, etc.) are implemented. User views are displayed.  

All verified with you against your requirements.

The devil is in the details


The time to increase granularity and get the all data work so that the business picture gets all its colour nuances right.

Similar models are replicated and included into the consolidated group. Models are renamed and fine-tuned.

1-3 year actuals are imported into the models and actual results compared with your spreadsheet reports.

With MYGIDE being a forward looking software, indicative plans are also populated.



Server and client installations are completed, MYGIDE project uploaded and made available to authorised users. User access rights are defined, backups agreed.

You open MYGIDE and see that models look similar to what you were used to in the past, yet slimmer in better cloth.

Instead of tabs your data navigation menu is the same as is your company group, product and process structure. Data handling is simple, calculations are returned faster. No need to send emails to share as MYGIDE enables real time collaboration.

First dinner at your house

Show & Tell

We meet again. This time we are a better speaker than a listener that we were on the first date.

We hope to engage with you in a fruitful and friendly discussion about the future business planning challenges.

We agree on user workshops and next steps to progressive transition from the fragility of spreadsheets to integrity of MYGIDE.

Pretty straight forward, isn’t it?
Let us know if we can help you as well.

We would be happy to:
  1. Recreate your existing models in MYGIDE
  2. Consolidate your business units
  3. Connect to your existing data sources
  4. Populate Budget, Forecast & Plan
  5. Create performance statements
  6. Set up user Rights
  7. Run valuation