MYGIDE is a thoughtfully crafted piece of software showing your company’s future

Why would you say no to that?

10 Years on the Market

Well-calibrated and reliable system

Over the years, in our 300 thousand lines of code, we have given birth to a number of bugs. And the same number we have pinned into vitrine, as diligent entomologists would normally do

The Fastest Calculation

Nothing fast is fast enough

2.7 Zettabytes (1021 or a lot more than we can imagine) of data exist in the digital universe today and growing

Calculation speed of large volume of data is therefore in the centre of our R&D efforts. Getting to the point too late is just too late

Open Design

Business evolution friendly

Business systems and people’s needs evolve with every new information and situation on the market

MYGIDE progresses naturally with each new requirement, and without further implementation projects impacting your budget

Drag & Drop

Ready to be used by people

Handling and modelling data structures can be a complex endeavour. Not for you. MYGIDE succeeded in translating computer language into human business language. 

Fitting Any Budget

At the price that makes sense

Literally. Do what you can with your in-house finance team. And if your finance team are overworked or busy on the day-to-day matters, MYGIDE’s business support team and freelance community partners can step in. What you need, when you need it, for as long as you need

Happy Clients

A serious bunch

Veolia Industrial Services, our longest standing client, has been with us for more than 9 years. Ask them why.

Switching from existing system?

Let us help you

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