What We Solve

We give data a business meaning

Data Integration

Just connect it

Collect accounting, production, sales,  market, competitive, and any other data you need
Apply the best formulae where your data needs be calculated
Share it in business relevant structures and formats

All this via MYGIDE’s built-in data transformation interface

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MYGIDE allows consolidation of your different business entities and segments using general ledger coding or user defined connections

Data is then instantly pulled together and displayed in report structures and statements, allowing for a quick drill down

Change on any sub level instantly recalculates into parent levels

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Predictive Analytics

Leave the guessing to a fortune-teller

MYGIDE calculates horizontal and vertical run-rates and produces indicative short term and long term plans based on historic and actual performance, and business trends

You can also override run-rate trends with your own assumptions

Different versions of what-if or exclude/include analysis can be then saved as scenarios for comparison and evaluation purposes

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Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Update your plans easily

MYGIDE provides a collaborative process for managing all your budgeting and planning needs

Operational divisions managers get data and tools to populate their plans, whilst financial team can see a real time consolidation of their inputs

It only takes less than 30 seconds to update your plans with the latest actuals

Managers can therefor focus on overall performance implications instead of data crunching

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Corporate Reporting


Do you need to understand product sales, divisional costs and profits? Absolutely. Do you want insights into working capital, debt management? Of course! Cash flows? MYGIDE answers all these questions for you!

MYGIDE delivers customizable statements, time series and reporting views, exporting, web publishing and sharing functions

All in real time. We believe you shouldn’t expect any less from your modelling solution

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Bullet proof argumentation

Valuation as an ultimate performance indicator is often overlooked.

Yet it shows how well a company is managed. There is no better argument to support or reject a measure than its implication on company value

With MYGIDE you can incorporate valuation techniques into your reporting. Keeping every element up to date with each new actuals and revised plans

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