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MYGIDE is a client – server application allowing for concurrent work with data in a real-time, with the support of integrated logs and notes.

MYGIDE has an integrated integrity check service, run continually, that does not allow the use of flawed formulas, including missing formula parameters.

MYGIDE contains features typical for a BI system plus a greater variability of calculation tools for modelling and predictive analytics.

No, MYGIDE complements existing systems, and is able to acquire data from other systems.
Yes, in some cases MYGIDE may replace the outdated systems.
Yes, MYGIDE significantly shortens time spent on regular processes such as consolidation, rolling forecasting and planning.

Consolidation, reporting, budgeting, rolling forecasting, strategic planning, valuation…

Yes, you can, MYGIDE is a Lego like system, fully adjustable to your current data, company, product structures.

The whole philosophy of MYGIDE is based on a to-be-time-efficient concept. Your team can work concurrently on the same data sets, within designated areas, supported by a shared calculation engine, returning results in real-time. Our clients say that we have shortened their planning period by half.

Everyone uses Excel as a table processor. Only the smart ones use Excel for modelling. Not everybody in companies is able to follow or work with three-way excel models. In MYGIDE they can. Plus MYGIDE’s creation and modification tools enable you to create and modify models faster, with real time updates available to everyone connected to MYGIDE. Not to mention the fact that Excel freezes and collapses where MYGIDE only starts to take a light breath.

MYGIDE has a unique architecture that works around periods, not cells, that you would need to understand before creating your first of many models in MYGIDE. All the rest is fairly simple. It takes smart people, knowledgeable of financial modelling craft, to grasp it all in a couple of days. Say one week.

It is the holistic way we approached development. All very experienced excel based modellers, we have identified all the inefficiencies and defined a better way in MYGIDE; always bearing in mind that it is modelling software. This is why we have introduced account singularity (no need to create links between sheets), in-memory calculation engine (many sheets calculated in seconds), in-built time and period type (actual, budget, forecast) structures, in-built formula integrity checks, automated imports and exports from/ to other systems). Well, quite a lot for a short answer.

It is like riding bike and driving car at the same time. No, no need to do that. You can however occasionally ride your bike before driving car, having other passengers, your colleagues in the back.

Smart import, that takes data from multiple sheets in one go. Takes seconds.

All in-built features ensuring that the integrity of models is intact. A matter of seconds.

You would create them a Statement and a View. They can see themselves once connected to MYGIDE, or you could export to Excel or pdf, it depends on their preferences.

These are built in features in MYGIDE. So basically just enter your assumptions and MYGIDE does the rest. What is more important, is that you all are on the same page. That is that not only you but all people understand the implications of their assumptions onto the possible future performance in a holistic way, including impact on others people or departments, not only theirs.

Well, MYGIDE is what you want MYGIDE to be. It is built to reflect your structures, and not the other way around.

Absolutely. This is what MYGIDE is best at. Full PL, BS, CF, Valuation metrics with both short-term and long terms plans under one roof.

What about them? Actuals and future trends will be calculated automatically in real time once you close your accounting books and get operational data. Then you work with other stakeholders defining company measures to be adopted in order to have them improved in the future.

Who do you want? Typically it is between 1-5 model masters and 5-30 other stakeholders – mostly middle and senior managers, depending on management style in your company.

Agreed formulas, reports and assumptions with no need to send numerous versions of spreadsheet over the internet until you lose track what version means what. It is all in MYGIDE, you just connect,see and inquire.

Of course, MYGIDE is a Lego like system, always tailored to specific company needs. With numerous in-built blocks it is fairly easy and quick to do so.

80% of project can be completed between 3-10 days. Then it depends on what is your goal and the quality of data you have.

Absolutely, with MYGIDE you can quantify future goals, set milestones, and assign responsibilities.

Of course, we are not only software vendor. We are also corporate finance, restructuring, and capital raising specialists. Plus we can provide an interim finance, juniors or seniors, if needs be.


Whom ever you decide to have the designer and modelling rights. Your decision.