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Solution building tools

Quick & Smart

From the onset, we had envisaged MYGIDE solution building tools be the best in the class

Ready-to use building blocks
Virtually all creators’ essential components are included in MYGIDE architecture making MYGIDE the fastest to implement solution on the market

Cognizant of business user
MYGIDE enables solution architects to come closest to their visions, company’s business models and data availability effortlessly without a need to involve software coders

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Display of Information

Well-defined reports

Good reports are more than just data. They tell stories and inspire to do things better

Informative statements
No more REF#. Have your data displayed in a neatly designed and formatted Statements

Dynamic time structures
Give yourself a break from Match, Index, Lookup, or other tedious ‘excel modelling best practices’

MYGIDE has built-in all time related functionality

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Business hierarchies

Flexible structures

Solution creators benefit from MYGIDE’s flexible business hierarchy building features

Relevant business segments
Build desired information layers such as product groups, market segments or business units. Monitor product performance or customer revenue development

Quick consolidation
Consolidate different legal entities with consolidation eliminations, including intragroup financing facilities

Easy cost re-allocation
Re-allocate costs from cost centres to revenue centres by defining relevant data distribution logic

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Data model

Always bespoke

MYGIDE’s matured architecture guarantees that your business specific calculation algorithms are fully catered for

All data
Apply any unit of measure and currency. Put number of customers, units sold, commodity purchased, FTE in play

Versatile calculation
Use distinctive formula for each logical situation – actuals, budgets or forecasts, monthly, YTD or annual calculations

Resourceful formulas
Pick the best practise formula written by our corporate finance specialists and mathematicians. Or write your own

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Data udpates


MYGIDE connects seamlessly to accounting, business and operations systems or public records

Automated data transfers
Let MYGIDE update data in real time or via scheduled data transfers, or with an ad hoc data import tools

Powerful data bridges
Harmonize data from different data sources into the same business logic simply by customizable data bridges

Instant business reports update
The latest data for all your business reports is then just a click away

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Analyse, model, plan

Insightful modelling

Educated guesses always beat unsupported opinions

Intrinsic trends
Understand where your business performance truly is watching how historical trends translate into rolling forecasts and affect strategic performance evolution

What if
Alter key performance drivers to override the intrinsic trends and define new measures needed to meet the desired goals

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Stakeholders reporting

Informed decisions

It is better to be on the same page

Diligent management
Supply your management with critical set of information, ensuring healthy business progress

Friendly bankers
Imagine availability of greater funds and better financing terms from your willing bankers if requests are made based on comprehensive three-way financial model

Supportive investors
Use MYGIDE Valuation tools to show your investors that their money is in good hands

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Adaptive functions

Painless modifications

Some may worry about the struggles with modifications needed once implementation is over

Don’t worry
MYGIDE adaptive functions make changes to the solution mind-bogglingly simple

Once you have modified something you wish to apply elsewhere, replicate it. Be it an entire project, model, data field, calculation logic, data upload rules or statement design

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No strings attached

Why don’t you give it a try and see all this by yourself?

daniel at mygide dot uk

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