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Forget lengthy data building strategies
of BIs and Excel

There is a better way

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Model building tools

Quick and smart

From the onset, we had envisaged MYGIDE model building tools be the best in the class.

Enabling model architects to come closest to their visions, company’s business models, actual data availability and management aspirations. Quickly and without a need to involve software coders, with many traditional creators’ actions put in bulk step or outright included in MYGIDE architecture to save time and ensure data integrity.

Starting with models data content, model builders can

  • Create
  • Simplify
  • Calculate
  • Pick Formulas
  • Replicate
  • Consolidate

The cell is dead

In MYGIDE the main building block is smartly defined component, we call Account. It has its name(s) and a code, time and type representation and many other qualities for easy model building.
Accounts can be created via Add New Account(s) feature, flexible Account Import or the sexiest, Copy Paste from existing spreadsheets.


Minutes is the average time needed to build a completely functional three way model

Analysing the past and predicting the future

Time structure handling

No worries

MYGIDE has built-in all the time series related functionality into its architecture. Forget Match, Index, Lookup, or other onerous best practice ‘excel strategies to address time change’ as new data comes.

Set and change time characteristics at any time you wish, and MYGIDE does the rest, without jeopardizing data calculation integrity

  1. Model time range
  2. Fiscal year
  3. Current Period
  4. Monthly data


or 20 years of a constantly updated plan readily available so that you can focus on other important things

With built-in data integrity tools safeguarding your back

Built-in reporting tools

From complex to simple

Good reports are more than just data. They tell stories and inspire do things better.

  • Data Reports
  • Data Categorization
  • Data Versions
  • Views
  • Quick Charts
  • Multi
  • Data Sharing Tools

Data Reports

MYGIDE reporting is built around statements / data reports that display data in time. They are created naturally as model building evolves, in the same environment. Rich text and number formatting tools make them look good too.


Place for business story data

That everybody can follow

Data updates


MYGIDE enables data to be copy-pasted in. More often though you would either connect MYGIDE to existing accounting and operational software for real-time data pull or use one of MYGIDE’s importing tools;

  1. Standard Import
  2. Custom Import
  3. Pre-processed Import

Once data is imported, move your Timeline to update all models with the latest data.

Import from excel

Import pre-set templates

Import from multiple sheets into multiple models

Import multiple data-types

Time relevant & numerically scalable

Database connect


Seconds is the average time needed to update plans with the latest actuals

Analysis, Modelling, Planning, What ifs

25 years of knowledge that works

Modelling is a craft. Speak your mind.

  • Default Calculations
  • Assumptions
  • Colouring

Default Calculations

MYGIDE’s architecture enables assigning more than one formula to one Account and period, fine-tuning company calculations with surgical precision. With that, MYGIDE enhances your options to analyse past and suggest a likely future.


Mistakes in your formulas, calculations and decisions

With audited formulas, verified algorithms and integrity check robot at work

Collaboration tools

No need to email spreadsheets

Should you wish to set up server, in house or in the cloud? No problem. MYGIDE application can have multiple secure accesses to different server locations.

People connected to the same server may share and collaborate in real time on all the projects and models stored there. Subject to the user rights assigned to them by server Administrator.

Use MYGIDE User Management to assign access and manipulation rights.